Like A Volcano

by Spesh Pep

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Recorded by C.B. Ellis at Invisible Recordings
Mastered by Julian Marrs at Marrs Audio
Mixed by kmathz with C.B. Ellis

2018 Socan


released June 29, 2018


all rights reserved



Spesh Pep Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Beefy
Elastic grasp
Snapped back my dark synapse
Blacklight diffracted
Thru my glass eyelash
Come and climb through the hole in my halo
Feel my horns intact
Try and cut the red out my rainbow
Watch it grow right back
The weight of shame
Has kept me tame too long
Sane or insane
I’ll dance to my own song
Come and climb through the holes in my halo
Feel my horns intact
I grew dormant like a volcano
Feel my flow come back
However passion
Springs forth or draws back
Some strange attractor
Is forging a new path
I’ve been holding out
Well, holding out, I don’t know why
Dismantle doubt
I want to shout, I want to cry
Starting to unfold
All I hold, deep down inside
I am making room
For hope to bloom into the light
Track Name: Wahoo
It penetrates thru your cells, scattered leaves, tattered shirt,
It penetrates thru your cells, it'll bleed, it'll hurt
I was grieving too intense, I fell apart , now just repent
I don't care if it's fleeting, I'll follow the feeling, i'll follow
Oh my God do you think I’m a Wahoo?
Oh my oh my God!
When I walked out my god said do what my gut says
I’m gonna freak out, yeah
An appetite for destruction, tasting like it's bound to fail
Holy cow, Nosferatu, oh my god do you think i'm a wahoo?
Two hundred volts of lightning, satisfy all my desires
An ear to the ground and one to the corkscrew oh my gosh does that make me a wahoo?
Oh My God do you think i’m a wahoo?
Oh my my my my God, woohoo
When I walked out my god said to do what my gut says, ahhhaah yea
I’m gonna freak out I’m gonna flipf*ckinggahh, yeah
Oh my gawwd!
Track Name: Boyscouts
It’s a brand new day, we are goin’ way out
Follow through the haze, we are goin’ way out
Many shades of gray, we are goin’ way out
I found you today, we are goin’ way out

Learn to identify mushrooms
We ate the white-spotted red ones
They taught us how to tie knots too
But lately we’ve been coming undone
Waaaay out [x4]
When in doubt
When you Nebuchadnezzar’d an Abra-Cadabra Boy Scout
When in doubt
When you’re tethered in leather there’s an Abra-Cadabra way out

Just let the cat scratch your eyes out
Learn to see things in a new way
The frogs eat the flies in the outhouse
The flies like to feast on the decay
Been away and it’s over and you hold on to...
Try to teach us to survive in the wild,
Well I’m not comin’ home again an innocent child
Hands are up, you don’t believe me
Well I told them all the truth
There’s no convoluted reason
Just our spirits are in bloom
We’ll reclaim the Garden Eden
On a sunny afternoon
It’s too late, the apple’s eaten
Now I can’t come home to you
Track Name: High Volume
I'll make the rain jealous and swallow you whole
What's out there is in here and sucked in the fold
Wake up, we're shook up out of bed
Your hands cannot pick up all that you have
Little secrets I can treasure balanced on all fours
I can feel the fault-lines cracking underneath the floors
Hold in those feelings as dry as the earth
Fall down, we're all down now stay where you were
And I'll watch the rain swallow me whole
Our luck's the same wherever we go
Lived a life of quiet leisure, minding all my chores
I can feel them run for shelter all along the shore

Bitter seeds in ravaged gardens and all I ever need in high volume
Bitter seas in ravaged gardens and all I ever need in high volume
Lived a life of hope and leisure and all I ever need in high volume
Little secrets I can treasure and all I ever need's been early warning
Sifting sands on tiny islands and all ever need in high volume
Bitter seeds in ravaged gardens and all I ever need in high ocean
Track Name: Pomegranate
Won’t you hold a pomegranate, ‘til I know you love the planet?
Well you’ve gone to waste
Well I saw you gaze at it
Don’t you know you gotta turn you gotta run you gotta walk along the waste
Is it yours is it mine, what’s fair? Is it time to die, well who cares?
You’ve been to space, I’ve done the same, you make a face I make it rain!
I was meant to be a star, shinin’ bright shinin’ bright through the dark, honesty
I was meant to be a star, as it is I’m livin’ in a car, honesty, honestly yea
I was meant to be a star, not alone. Livin’ through the heart
honesty, honestly yea
I was meant to be a star, in the bright light, livin’ large
Honesty right here to say, harmony light-years away
Fall asleep at the wheel, Fall asleep, honesty ahhhhh
Would you hold a pomegranate, til I know that you’ve had it? Can you wait a day?
Must be hard to raise those addicts
Got a son, got a daughter, got a lover, gotta wash the waste away
Are you there are you there are you there?
All your stupid face and all your stupid hair
I meant to say that I’m okay, meant to do the same today [x2]
I was meant to be a star, Cigar cigar cigar
I can see me losing parts, I can be me losing charge
I was meant to be a star, like a light blue holy God
Honesty is tryn’a sway, I already lost my way
I was tryn’a go alone, give it life…turns to stone
Honesty is all you say, odyssey is in decay
I was tryn’a fall in love, with the ruby eyes and stolen mud
Don’t tell me all is all’s okay, Don’t tell me honesty is on its way
Fall asleep at the wheel, Fall asleep
Honesty Ahhhhh [x4]

~[Strut of Power]~
It’s her, yea, the Other Track Dragster
You wanna race, well, I’m on your back now, giddy-up! From miles away
Get lost! Now the handicap cattle get ground down to a paste
Okay, so you’ve given up, please get out of the way
It’s her, yea, the Little Girl of Laughter, just tryn’a say
“Slow down, try standing in one place”
These days, these months, these years are just going to waste
Give it up now, I’ll hold you, things will be okay.
Track Name: Wound Tight
Wound tight, everyone’s runnin’ around
And I just want to bury my head in the ground
Oh but only my heartstrings know where I’m bound
You tend to your fire beneath of the sea
Do you know just how much that endears you to me?
While we dance like a helix whose bonds must break free
I’m tired, this mess of hellos and good-byes
And my feelings rush in and just as soon subside
Well I have grown too weary to gamble my pride

I give a smile, then turn it away
I want it all so I’m running in place
Praying to the omnidirectional face
And plant my seeds for another day
It’s all the things that I wanted to say
They got fermented cuz they came out too late
I Love you all, I’m goin’ away
The wind is howlin’
Hunker down, we all make it out in the end
My demon prowlin’
Light and sound have become too loud in my head
I dreamt your Mountain
I can feel ya, reachin’ with your talons ‘round the bend
Well I have grown too weary, but I`ll be just fine
Track Name: Somersaulting
Tear the rider from your head
Raise your childhood from the dead
We’re somersaulting too
We’re somersaulting thru the floor
Flail the routine from your neck
Lift those limbs up over bed
Rainbow sparkle you
Somersaulting thru the floor

We flipped the furniture on its side, it's where we’re hiding out
And if we ever go outside, we’ll find them lying down in silence silence silence

Roll around, I’m aroused, just roll around, I’m aroused
And they’ll love your bones, they’ll still love your bones, wanting you to be well and there's a plot hole deep inside you
We’ll walk around frickin’ walk around, after we’re dead and gone, strike a portal up among us

Tear the ransom from your head
You can worry about it when you're dead
It’s pouring out of you
Somersaulting through the floor

Worried about taking it too far, but we're laughing now, now, now, now
Roll around, I’m aroused, roll around, I’m aroused

And they’ll love your bones they’ll still love your bones, after your head’s gone and there's a plot hole deep inside you
We’ll walk around frickin walk around, wanting just to be well, strike a portal up among us
Grow cyborg, grow cyborg, grow
Grow while the flies are licking your chrome
Track Name: Time Warp
Did you turn yourself around and deny where you stand?
All the while deriving how to survive in the past?
And say you wanted time like we had before,
That we all need to time warp, we all need the time warp, we all needed time
like we had before, we don’t need the time warp we don't need the time warp we don’t need...
Come on let’s dance with all the circumstance
We’ll make it ours, we’re off to distant lands
Did you find yourself alone and it sifts through the sand?
Can’t watch your bed erode while your head’s in your hands?
Say you wanted time like we had before, that we all need the time warp, we all need the time warp we all need time like we had before, but we can’t even time warp, we can't even time warp, we can’t even...
let your rhythms out in the world
we gotta let those tremors shake
let your rhythms out in the world
we gotta let those children fail…
Track Name: Theoretical Transition
Before our dear Earth had started to give birth the Fire reigned supreme
Meteors from Space imported Water's grace and thus began our dream
Slowly they made Oceans, something strange was growin’, roots were taking hold
In these new conditions Life began its mission, started to unfold
Bacterial whims made creatures that could swim and battle in the dregs
Someone’s son or daughter crawled out of the water, started to grow legs
Reptiles ran amok in a great cluster-fuck and grew up terribly large
Some grew wings and flew, some stayed Ocean-true and some made land their charge
Many Million years were like this it appears ‘til hell came raining down
Our small furry cousins survived this because they burrowed underground
We all wonder back to our Origins
Don’t you want to heal the divide?
We're all intertwined
Touch me with the tips of your tentacles
Come now and we'll build you a spine
We’re all intertwined
There's no easy way out!

~ Yea! Nah. ~
Mammals they were thriving, swimming, running, climbing, screaming from the trees
Some were eating others, some were taking cover, most would spread their seed
Somewhere in the madness, monkey mind expanded, saw something profound
Highfalutin’ apes made guns and put on capes and changed it all around
Nature has a fierceness, some may appear fearless, some appear surreal
Birds of Paradise don’t have to sacrifice their beauty for a shield
Predators approach in step with hungry ghosts so flee now or be bold
We can make safe space for transformation’s grace to break the stubborn mold
We all wonder back to our Origins
Tell me what you see in the sky
We're all intertwined
Touch me with the tips of your tentacles
Teach me how to dance with the tide
We're all intertwined
There's no easy way out!
All our Myths well they are hinting there is something more
There’s always a secret door
Heed the signs because we are each an interface
For what’s beyond time and space
Manifest of forces we don't understand
Something wants to hold your hand
Like a flute that’s gotcha dancing like a dazzled snake
To codes that we can rearrange
Hold your head up darlin’
Don't you know you are the fruit of a strange and ancient plant
In the Sun's close starlight
Each of us participate in its fate the best we can
And by using hindsight
We can glimpse the magick patterns of the Infinite wingspan
Track Name: Manatees
I took shelter deep in your mouth,
Played in the places, lingered about while unknown
Follow your bones or follow your brains, swallow the flow as it runs down the drain, we drank it
Naked like Manatees wash in the tide
Mating and migration patterns align, we sway
Merging together, hopeful, entwined, our sex and the beach and the shriek mark our letters and lives
Dove through your endocrine, molten love odyssey, floated like time machine fossilized memory while some hardened gardener entranced by your botany opens these puffy eyes to you staring back at me
With homeward we go mammals at play
Measured in distances so out of reach
We were dizzy in the streets and on our feet, they had us surrounded
And what kind of people do we want to be?
All we could've learned, we could’ve seen, we were stubborn instead
To run from your enemies, added complexity
Treacherous passages of unknown topography
While some ardent arsonist who wants to get fiery
Hands burning up by the heat of your effigy
Home, where'd we go? holding these frail frames

Don’t leave the past behind, don’t leave the past behind
Electro-shock ambulance carries me back to life
What’s with the attitude? what’s with that sparky dude?
Some squeaking mockingbird cranked out the latitude
Hey you, fire me up a new one (it’s the end of the world)
Hey you, carve me out a new world
Hey you fire me up, a new one
If you light me up, I will
Will you swim on out to me? (it’s the end of the world)
Hey you, fire me up

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